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Send Unlimited Email Marketing Emails Per Day -Mass Sender - Bulk Sender - SPF - DKIM - SMTP

Send up to 20,000 Emails PER DAY.

No Skills Required
No Softwares
No Proxy
Everything is done for you over WEB, only upload your emails + Create the Campaign + Start Sending...

Email marketing is the best way to reach your customers directly without the need for them to click on ads to reach you!

i will offer the following:

Unlimited Email Sending - Price Per Month - $225

1. SMTP server installation with PowerMTA Sender as backend
2. Unlimited E-mail sending per day
3. SMTP Server is valid for 1 Month
4. in case of IP Black Listing, i will offer new SMTP CLEAN IP by $15 per Month
5. will configure SPF, DKIM, DCRAM, RDNS for your Domain
6. Accredited Reputation with ISPs / FBL
7. Cron job for automatic bounce handling
8. IP rotation to minimize blacklisting
9. full interspire or Mailwizz configuration. just upload emails and send (no need for software)

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